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The Chairman of the Cross River State Anti-Tax Agency Bishop Emmah Gospel Isong has said he is ready to expose any politicians in the state who is sponsoring agents to forcibly extort people and businesses of illegal taxations.

He  said illegal taxes is an economic crime and they will also partner with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission to prosecute the politicians behind this act.

Many businesses have relocated to Uyo in Akwa Ibom State and other bigger towns due to incessant and illegal taxations.

Members of the Natural Rubber Producers Processors and Marketers Association (NARPPMAN) have also raised the alarm that they will move into the streets to protest wanton and undue exploitations of their members by reported agents of the state government.

Isong said his Agency, inaugurated by Gov Ben Ayade about two years ago to curtail the wanton extortions, will name and shame politicians in the state who are behind the illegalities.

Isong also challenged politicians to expose him or his officials if ever they are compromised.

He said the politicians are enemies of the people and democracy and as such do not deserve to be part of the democratic family in the state.

Isong reacted before journalists to recent observations and the operations of recalcitrant tax consultants purportedly representing local government councils and MDAs of the government.

“I will profile the name of politicians who are constantly recalcitrant to His Excellency’s policy on taxes and give the electorate option rejecting such human beings into our democratic family.

“That does not look like gun or the judiciary system but my little contribution at the end of this office, I will publish their name if they continue in this activity.

“When we arrest some of these boys we interview them and they mention their names, these are my evidences so I am not going to be mentioning people’s names because I don’t like your suit but because you are part of it.

“Parties can nominate them but they must fail elections at local government because they are enemies of the people and enemies of democracy.

“How do you know that a particular local government chairman is not part of the system, if you are the chairman of XYZ local government, and my streets are filed with boys wearing uniform and carrying ID Cards and attacking people, you don’t need rocket science to know they are involved.

He stressed that the governor’s policy against illegal taxation has not waned and they are not frightened by the shylock tax agents who continue to extort the people.

Asare Asare, Calabar



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