The National Association of Northern Nigerian Students has honoured a foremost female Academic  Professor May Ifeoma Nwoye  Sir Ahmadu Bello Leadership award of excellence for her contributions to Educational development of the country.

The leadership of the students body led by its President Abdulrahman Ibrahim gave the award to her in Abuja on Tuesday at the occasion of the United Nations International Day of Peace lecture.

At the occasion Mr Ibrahim  read the full speech on behalf of the students body ‘Let me briefly introduce to you the National Association Of Northern Nigerian Students which is an umbrella body of the Nineteen Northern States and Abuja indigenous Students and is the largest students movement in the Northern Nigeria. It has come to together to form a common platform to protect the interest of its members as well as to address the issues concerning Northern Nigeria as  a region and Nigeria at large.

It gives us a great joy, immense pleasure and honor to stand before you today in our capacity as the leaders of this union for this special historical event.

We the members of this great Association deem it fit that, when the role of honor is called, visionary leaders of the like Prof. May Ifeoma Nwoye deserves to be mentioned.

This quintessential woman is a true leader, transformer, Icon of hope in all ramifications, Human Developer, capacity Builder, Peace builder and Excellence ability of Administration. She is a Leader per excellence, a woman of humor, generous, Astute Professor and distinguished intellectual personality who deserves to be commended and given all the credit. She has done it before in several capacity and various Environs, but her outstanding and extraordinary performances in the Academic ecosystem are just too imposing to be ignored.

Her approach towards Educational and Youth development and among other things is very  peculiar, contentious, brilliant, astute, beguiling and inspiring. No doubt one  can judge and determine the altitude and superiority of one Aptitude by the quality of his/her Attitude. She is one of the best syndicated Professional icons known for her powerful, innovative razor-sharp and well-coming ideas.

Her ability to explore opportunity through any good means leads to the successive expansion of  her flourishing humanitarian gesture and interest while also included Education. She has and continues to live a modest, exemplary life of humility despite her vast knowledge and vast wealth of thinking, Despite her humble beginning, she has attained great height by far. Not only did her life mirror aspire possibility, also her philanthropic spirit was positively inspirational. She gave generously to the Vulnerable and students, donating to the less privilege and has served as the Voice of the voiceless.

Ma, I must confess to you that your Spartan virtue of leadership is what has provoke our

superlative encomium to have come this far, your exemplary life style in the discharge of your  God’s given ability towards humanity is highly commendable by the northern students.

Ma, it is pertinent to note that what we are doing here today was base on our secret assessment and it shows that you made wave in all ramifications.

All these are few, to mention among other parameters we used in cause of our secret assessment, this is to officially say that what we are doing here today has not been masterminded by an  individual or any group of persons as it is purely on merit.

The council of NANNS exercises the discretion to elect distinguished personality of your kind into the cadre of honorary of life membership having being considered to have advanced the  prospection and commitment toward Educational Development.

Prof. May Ofeoma Nwoye is not the richest Professor nor the richest Politician, neither is she the  richest businessman in the country but we have received and recorded severally her philanthropic gestures towards Educational Development and Students welfare across the country, irrespective of their ethnic group, religious belief, creed, and political affiliation. So considering all points of  views as a view point, we are of no doubt how she has come about those great achievements.

We the members of (NANNS) are fascinated at your large-heartedness even in the face of needless distractions. We reckon that if all those unqualified, who has paraded themselves as leaders, were  like her, the country would have been a better place for us all especially for those who cannot  provide for themselves. We are giving you this award to encourage your commitment and trigger the effort of others (personalities) towards Students and Educational development.

Today is a great honor to you Ma. The Sir Ahmadu Bello (Sardauna) Platinum Leadership Award  of  Excellence conferred to you as “ICON OF EDUCATIONAL TRANSFORMATION” by the  Association is more than deserved. Unless for someone that makes failed effort to deliberately try to change what is evident and testified by the majority, many Nigerian Students if not all have  acknowledged your level of commitment, patriotism, doggedness and courage in steering the affairs of Students and Educational development in the country.

I must not forget to mention that Prof. May Ofeoma Nwoye has live above suspicious just like the  Caesar’s  wives who live above suspicious. No doubt that she has written her name in gold which will forever remain indelible. No doubt the sky has become just her starting point.

On behalf of the entire members of National Association Of Northern Nigerian Students, I hope you will accept our warmest regard as we welcome you into the (NANNS) HALL OF FAME.

Responding the recipient Professor Nwoye thanked the  students for the honour and promised to continue to do her best to promote Education, youths development, human capital development and unity in Nigeria.

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