Uche Nwosu

By Vincent Egunyanga

There  has been accusations and counter accusations between the governor of Imo state Hope Uzodinma and the camp of the former  governor Rochas Okorocha.   Both camps  have even accused the other of been behind the insecurity in the state especially as it relates to the issue of the unknown gun men  which  has always been blamed on  the Independent Peoples of Biafra, ( IPOB)  an allegations they have consistently denied.

After  the purported   arrest of Okorocha’s inlaw  Uche Nwosu by the police in Owerri inside a church, Senator Okorocha had  tasked security agencies  to investigate if there was any connection between the  police that arrested Uche Nwosu in the church and the unknown gunmen.

But the  state  government  believe that the insecurity  in the state or the so called Unknown gunmen are members of the  Imo security Network owned by Rochas Okorocha  and commanded by a member of the House of Representatives  Kingsley Iju .  It said Okorocha is bent of making the state under Hope Uzodinma  ungovernable.

One  of the leaders of the state and former chairman of the Independent National electoral commission  ( INEC )  Professor Maurice Iwu told NEWSPLATFORM MAGAZINE  that the crisis is not really between Rochas Okorocha  and the Hope Uzodinma but between Rochas Okorocha and the state.

He said the people of the state are resisting  efforts by Rochas to establish a family dynasty in the state.  He said his plan was to make his inlaw Uche Nwosu governor of the state and after his tenure Okorocha’s biological son will succeed him.

While being optimistic that the crisis would be resolved, Professor Iwu said  peace would still return to the state but first all Rochas stole from the state must first be recovered and the man prosecuted.

In the same vein the National Chairman of Zenith Labour Party  Dan Nwayanwu in a recent interview with African Independent Television ( AIT)  said  Hope Uzodinma must probe the former governor of the state Rochas Okorocha  and all he had stolen from the state must be recovered.

Police report made available to Newsplatform  Media showed one of the members of the  Imo Security Network who was arrested by the Police confessing that a Member of the House of Representatives  Hon Kingsley Iju is their leader working for Rochas Okorochas family.   The suspect also showed  somewhere in Orsu  area of Imo state where cannibalism was practiced.  The picture is available but viewers discretion is advised.

The  crisis or war   has nothing to do with the development or progress of the state.  It is a test of strength, muzzle or madness.

The reason why the crisis has prolonged for so long and seems no solution in sight is that both of them are loyal to the Northern Political elite or domination and are very willing to protect that interest.

It is also a reflection and an extension of the crisis in the core North between the Fulanis and the Kanuri.

Okorocha is loyal to the Fulanis  especially in the North West.  He had the contact with the Fulanis while living and doing business in  Jos,  the Plateau state capital.  Infact as the then governor of Imo state his biggest investment outside Imo state is In Zamfara state.  Okorocha is said to have one of the biggest  secondary schools  and  Estates  in Zamfara  state in,  North West,  Nigeria.

Hope  Uzodinma on the other hand is fully under the control of the Kanuris especially the former governor of Borno  state Ali Modu Sherif who is also aspiring to  be  the next National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress  ( APC).   Ali Modu Sheriff  had always wanted  Hope Uzodinma to be governor of Imo state even when he was the National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Uzodinma is now the governor of the state on the platform of the APC  with Ali Modu Sheriff using one of the most powerful Kanuri men  in government  former Chief of Staff to President Muhammadu Buhari,   the late  Abba Kyari  also a Kanuri man.

As  a governor  Rochas Okorocha  has had running battle with some leaders, elders and big wigs in  the state.

He once said that the battle between him  and those  he termed  held the state  and her people in Bondage before his emergence as the governor of the state in 2011,  adding that his determination to free the state and the citizenry from the bondage attracted enemy  to  him.

The  former governor spoke  at a special church service to Mark Imo at 42 held at the Victory chapel ,  government House, Owerri on Sunday 4th February 2018.

He  said  ‘Today  am happy as I stand  before you as governor of Imo state.  This  is an honour I can never take for granted.  Before my advent, I have always nursed it in my mind that I would one day become the governor  of this state.  After my first attempt  in 1999, I decided that  the place is not  meant for me.  But on the other hand, I discovered  that the state is in bondage and in the hands of the very few.  That is the reason  I decided to condescend  from my Presidential  ambition to come and rescue the state.’

He  continued  ‘ but my coming to rescue Imo state  was not just the people alone and the state of affairs  but the most important rescue  was the mindset of the people,  hence the team  rescue mission.’

However one of the leaders of the state  Professor Maurice Iwu  said Rochas Okorocha is a reckless person.

Professor  Iwu was also former Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission  (INEC)  disclosed to NEWSPLATFORM  in an interview to respond   to the then face off  between his group  IMO Economic  Development  Initiative  and the state government.

The  Imo Economic Development Initiative during a courtesy visit to then governor Rochas Okorocha  at the government house, Owerri  in 2018,  called for a rapid Economic Development of the state.

He said the IEDI  is a private initiative  set up to boost human capital development, wealth creation,  and poverty alleviation in the state.

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