I just read a letter written by a group that called itself coalition of Northern groups signed by one  Nastura A Shariff to the Emir of Kano  Aminu Ado Bayero.  Shariff  who said he is the Chairman Board of Trustees , Coalition of Northern Groups.

In the letter he tried to report the Igbos especially the Independent Peoples of Biafra (IPOB)  on what he claimed to be the attack and harassments of Igbos  against other Nigerians especially Northerners living in the East. He said this attack is coming despite the fact that Igbos are flourishing in the North unmolested.

I don’t know the reason for the letter.  But may suggest that it is intended to keep everybody on notice incase Igbos are attacked in the North, they would not be held responsible.  Just like Buhari did recently, this Coalition of Northern Groups reminded us of the civil war and that the Igbos are planning another secession.

Something tells me that the mask behind this group are actually Federal Government Agents who are not tired of their plans to cause another mayhem on the country for whatever reason.

Let me remind  the government of Nigeria and the Bandits in the name of Coalition of Northern groups that these killings by their kinsmen in the country  started in 2012 under the Administration of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.  Killings were taking place, bombings took place,  kidnappings took place etc.  At this point Igbos were the biggest victims. Nobody talked about reprisals or  Biafra or Civil War.

In 2013 or thereabout, Boko Haram bombed Sabon Gari, Kano.  Over 100 passengers of died and about five brand new luxurious buses were burnt down.  Majority of the passengers who died were Igbos  who also owned the luxurious buses.  In December of that same year  a Northern group Boko Haram  bombed St Theresas Catholic Church, Madalla,  on Christmas day killing over 100 worshippers most of them  Igbos.  When you bombed Nyanyan  bus stop,  Barnax Plaza,  United Nations Building, Police Headquaters etc many people including Igbos died.  Nobody talked about reprisal or civil war.

Since Buhari came in as President in 2015, the  killings, bombings, kidnappings etc did not stop. Infact instead of just Boko Haram we started having killer herdsmen joining  the war against Nigerian people.  Killings and kidnappings on the highway  across the country increased.  Killer herdsmen invaded Southern parts of the country including Igboland  attack farmlands, killing, kidnapping, raping of girls and women  etc.

Just recently bandits kidnapped a private University in Kaduna.  The Federal and State government abandoned them. The families of the kidnapped victims paid N150m  to get their children back to them.  They even bought about 30 motor cycles to your brothers the kidnappers.  Most of the  kidnapped victims  were Igbos.

So it is annoying when you wrote that kind of letters you wrote to the respected Emir of Kano,  claiming to be speaking for other Nigerians,  even condemning what you called attack on  National Assets.  Were National Asset  like Police stations, INEC offices, etc not attacked  in your North by Boko Haram and Bandits.

Just as I said in my earlier posts, I condemn all acts of criminality, banditry, Terrorism etc.  I condemned the activities of Boko Haram, Bandits, Killer Herdsmen and even IPOB,  We need peace in Nigeria.

By Vincent Egunyanga