Governor Ben Ayade of Cross River State has presented his 2021 budget, which he tags Budget of Blush and Bliss.

The governor said the state government has estimated to spend N277,708,783,550 in 2021.

Alongside his deputy, Prof ivara Esu and members of his cabinet, Gov Ayade presented the budget to the State House of Assembly for its consideration and approval.

The Governor said who did not say how well his last year budget performed, said the sum of N192, 511, 985, 550 representing 69% will go to recurrent expenditure while 85, 196.00 representing 31% will go to capital expenditure.
The governor said this year’s budget is unusual because government will shift from infrastructure to the people.
He disclosed that unlike previous years, this year’s budget is different because it’s cumulative income does not fall within the trillions they have done in the past and that humanitarian perspective will be the focus of the budget.
“Having looked at it from the fiscal strategic paper which is an elucidation of the prospective cumulative income of the state, it is obvious that the income does not fall within the trillions  we have done in the past.
“Of the budget estimates, the sum of N192 billion represents the recurrent expenditure which is 69% of the budget.
“Inside this 69%, 70% is warehoused for youth development, job creation, massive opportunity to lift people from poverty, humanitarian services, conditional cash transfer, everything that has to do with values of human kind.
“31% which amounts to 85, 196, 800, 000 is set aside that has to do with infrastructure”, the governor said.
He said the core focus of the budget is humanitarian services which justified the theme of the budget.
He said the government will move from it’s big dreams and projects to focus on feeding people and putting food on the table.
“The budget is blush be wise it is a thing of shame from where we are coming from, because we are falling away from our big dreams, from our kinetic aspirations, olimpotic agenda and reducing ourselves to a sudden consumptive, primitive effort just to reflect on the mood of the time.
On security, he said the government will set up Neighbourhood Security Watch which will create jobs and security for the people of the state.
He said a normative framework that guarantees a fixed ammount monthly for security agencies will be created next year to enhance the security level of the state.
Speaking earlier, the speaker, Eteng Jonas William commended the governor for his pragmatic efforts to keep the state financially afloat during the year.
He pledged that the assembly will give prompt consideration and due attention to the budget estimates.


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