The immediate past chief executive officer (CEO) of Transnational Corporations of Nigeria (TRANSCORP) Mr. Valatine Ozigbo has disclosed that he will use more youths and women in his government,if elected the governnor of Anambra state comes 2021.
Ozigbo ,one  of the governorship hopeful in Anambra state comes  2021  disclosed  that he will prioritise on  youths and women because they  are critical to national development.
According to him,for the any system to be effective and working well youths must play a great role, just like the women.
“If you industrialised the Anambra  state, the youths will be needed to work in those industries and you cannot ignore them for any meaningful development.I will prioritise   on using the youths to drive my government.There will be more youths  and women in my Government” he said .

He said that he is coming out for the governor of the state to give youths and women sense of belonging , saying that he understands the power of youths and women hence his ambition to prioritise on them for economic transformation of the state.