Edo elections: Parties must submit names of candidates by June 29 ― INEC

Edo elections: Parties must submit names of candidates by June 29 ― INEC

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has said all political parties must conduct their primaries for the Edo State governorship election and submit a list of candidates within the next 10 days.
Chairman of the Commission, Professor Mahmoud Yakubu gave the deadline in a speech he delivered at the second virtual meeting of the Inter-Agency Consultative Committee on Election Security.
About 15 political parties have since notified the electoral body of their intention to field candidates in the election fixed for September.

Professor Yakubu, at a recent meeting with chairmen of political parties, asked them to submit the list of delegates and membership registers for indirect and direct primaries respectively depending on the mode adopted by the parties.
At Wednesday meeting, Professor Yakubu insisted that June 29 remained deadlines for submission of candidates for the 15 political parties.
He said: “Turning to the Edo governorship election, all political parties interested in fielding candidates for the election are reminded that they must conclude their primaries for the nomination of candidates in the next ten (10) days. The deadline is Saturday, 27th June 2020. I must stress that the date is firm and fixed.

“There will be no extension of the deadline. While the conduct of primaries and nomination of candidates will be the sole responsibility of political parties, our officials will monitor the primaries as required by law. Already, the Commission has published the date and mode of primaries for each of the fifteen (15) political parties that indicated their intention to participate in the election.
“Similarly, there will be no extension of time for political parties that fail to submit the names and other details of the candidates that emerge from their primaries using the dedicated portal created by the Commission. For emphasis, the deadline is 6:00 pm on Monday, 29th June 2020.”

Addressing the gathering of heads of security agencies and staff of his Commission, Professor Yakubu urged them to maintain neutrality in the course of their duties in the electoral process.
“As we approach the governorship elections, the Commission and security agencies will play a critical role. We should remain proactive during the party primaries, electioneering campaigns, voting and eventual declaration of results. We must safeguard the process and protect all those involved as voters, INEC officials, observers, the media and even some of the unarmed security personnel deployed to the polling units. Doing so requires professionalism and neutrality. In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, we should also ensure compliance with the protective measures contained in the recently published Commission’s policy as well as the advisory by health authorities. In the context of the current global health emergency, we have the additional responsibility to ensure the conduct of free, fair, credible and safe elections.”

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