A political pressure group, the Niger Delta Youth Coalition (NDYC), has thrown its weight behind the Federal Government on its plan to grant operational license to youths of Niger Delta involved in kpofire business.
National Coordinator of NDYC, Prince Emmanuel Ogba said that the plan by President Muhammadu Buhari, if properly implemented, would  engender so much benefits to the country .
” If the youths are granted license to operate modular refinery, it would create wealth and huge employment to the people.
” It would end the problem of economic sabotage posed by illegal refinery and also make petroleum products which are scarce at present to be abundant for the people.
“It will also reduce the environmental damage being done to the environment and the ecosystem among other numerous benefits”, he said.
He however urged President Buhari not to limit the granting of Modula refinery license to the youths involved in kpofire business.
He condemned the habit of rewarding only those involved in illegality in Niger Delta at the detriment of law abiding youths.
” When the amnesty came, the reward went only to the militants in the region.
” Now that Federal Government plans to grant Modula refinery license to youths, they are  asking traditional rulers to compile names of those involved in kpofire business for consideration. Does it mean that for any youth to be considered for empowerment, he must be involved in criminality?”, he queried.
He emphasized that criminality in the region can never end if criminal youths only are rewarded while Federal Government has nothing to offer to law abiding youths”, he said, noting that it is a direct way of luring youths in the region to crime.

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