The Chairman of the Rivers  Elders and leadership Council(RELEC), Chief Albert K Horsfall has expressed his dissatisfaction on the flood prone areas and called on the government of all levels to come to the aid of flood victims as well urged journalists and the people of Rivers State to continue to highlight the the flood menace in the state.

The RELEC chairman made this statement during the RELEC meeting in Port Harcourt. He urged the media and the people been affected by the flood not to be modest about the flooding situation in the state, he said the level of the flooding is devastating, and advised that the situation should be highlighted to draw the attention of other Nigerians, the international communities as well as Nigerians in diaspora to intervene in any possible way to tackle the flood issues the Rivers State people are faced with.

Chief Horsfall, while reacting to a question been asks him of his view about the present economic situation of the country said, I cannot say I am satisfied with the way things are in the country, I don’t think anybody can say he is satisfied.

Things are tough, the economy is at slow aim even though publicity by the federal government refineries is saying that everything is getting better, I don’t think that the ordinary people at the grassroot level are able to say that things are moving in the way that is going to assuage their situation.

I think a lot more can be done both at the state and the federal levels to improve the conditions that confronts our people and Nigerians today.

So we appeal to both the state and federal government to double their efforts in providing succour and relief materials to the affected citizens of this country so that they can have a better life

On his reaction on the issue of Chief Dappa Biriye by the newsmen on 9 other Niger Delta states concerning the memorial lectures on the honour of Chief Harold Dappa Biriye’s efforts in the initiation and establishment of the Niger Delta Commission, He stressed that the initiative that we take here will determine and compel us to task government of other states who came to be because of the influence and efforts of Chief Harold Dappa Biriye

The Niger Delta congress founded by Chief Harold Dappa Biriye, advocated, relentlessly for the people of the Niger Delta in this country, with general Gowon as head of states

His antecedents have brought us many of the things that we are enjoying today and he deserves to be respected and honoured.

Stating that we should honour those who deserved to be honoured.

Thee forum used this medium to call on the state government to decentralize developmental projects to other local governments in the state.

An elected governor becomes governor of all the people. He is no longer the governor of the party which elected him nor his people alone, he is a governor of the state and he should extend projects to other parts of the state, he said.

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