Governor Rauf Aregbesola has demonstrated that human beings can make impact in any given society, not necessarily because of wealth but because of ideas and it has since been said that ideas ruled the world. Aregbesola has something in common with Fidel Castro,  the late leader of Cuba. Castro was criticised by the West, but at the end of the day, Cuba was the only country in the Americas with no single record of  child malnourishment; declared an “International Paradise ” by UNICEF, the country has the lowest child death rate in the two continents of America.  Boasting some of the best human development indices in the world, particularly in education and health. It is not an exaggeration that what Castro did in Cuba, Aregbesola has done the same in the State of Osun.
A song writer penned this song ” We shall be remembered,  we shall be remembered  by what we have done”. One of the founding fathers of  Newswatch magazine, Ray Epku recently asked in his article  in The Guardian, if Aregbsola  will be remembered by his state. We know that history  is written  by a Victor. Every public office holder starts writing his story from the moment he is elected. Aregbesola  will certainly be  remembered  for his numerous unforgettable good deeds. The Philosopher states: ” the best way to live is to live in the present  and not attempt to shape the future. “
 There are many people like Ekpu living in Osun, and others outside the state who might have heard about Aregbesola and possibly out of curiosity, eager to find out what he has done the last eight years. It is obvious that a leader must be represented by what he stands for either for good or for evil. As far as history of the tenure of the outgoing governor is concerned, he will surely be  remembered for his several unforgettable good deeds. A one time PDP gubernatorial candidate in the state, once stated that the state has nothing to show as an achievement for the past six years. Just as it is often  said that when lies is allowed to prevail for long it might be taken for the truth. There were three groups of men in the state who nursed defeat they suffered as a result of Aregbesola’s victory at the polls. The first group was those who held on to power due to Electoral manipulation for three and a half  years before they were sacked by the Court of Appeal. Some have since joined the APC. The second  group were the men that were counting on the time that the gubernatorial election will come to their zones, but the court verdict blew off their chance. This  second group are much more desperate. One of them vowed in 2014 that he must win the election at all costs,  failure  which he was ready to die. He tried but failed but has since refused to  die. The third group consists of political hangers-on.  They benefit  from the power that be. The change of power has since rendered them beggars and haters of Aregbsola’s administration.  Initially,  they falsely  alleged that the incumbent governor suffered  from cancer, but when that kite failed to fly, they took to criticising him that he was doing nothing in the state. Later when Aregbesola turned the whole state to one great construction  site, they were dumbfounded and started saying that the state indebtedness was beyond redemption. So far, there is no local government council area that have not seen the impact of Aregbesola’s administration. The six-point integral Action plan: Banish Poverty, Banish Hunger, Banish Unemployment, Restore Healthy living, Promote Functional Education, and Enhance Communal Peace and Progress  continue as the guiding principles till date.    Will Aregbesola be remembered?  Yes, he would be remembered  as the man who whose mandate was stolen by the then incumbent but fought a legal battle  for three and half years to regain it  to the extent that the then Federal Government was much more concerned  that the Electoral Law  was amended to ensure that future Electoral litigation do not exceed six months. Aregbesola would be remembered as the first governor in Nigeria that employed 20,000 youths under the Osun Youths Employment Scheme  (OYES) within his first 100 days in office. If his critics forget and go ahead that the man has done nothing in the past eight years in office, the youths in their various wards and local governments areas will stand to counter their negative comments  that they were the beneficiaries of Aregbesola’s empowerment policies. Their parents and relations will speak to the electorate that they have become employers of  labour  through the OYES SCHEME.  About 40 of the former beneficiaries of the scheme will mobilise their households that they became landlords through the OYES Scheme,  and that if the scheme has not been on the ground  they might still be wandering about seeking for jobs that are not available. Just few weeks ago another batch of the OYES Scheme has commenced the service despite the lean purse of the state.  If political opponents  failed to see what the man Aregbesola has done in the state for the past eight  years, the students that were formerly learning in poultry sheds will celebrate the icon of modern innovator of Opon Imo, a learning device that contains over 64 text books, past questions and answers in WAEC EXAMINATION  NECO and JAMB. A device that was acknowledged by UNESCO and even WAEC. An educational device that made Osun and the helmsman to receive several awards across the globe.  The over 20 newly-constructed High Schools, 22 Elementary Schools are enough cynosure for those with eyes, irrespective of tribes, colour or religion. It is no more news that President Muhammadu Buhari was dumbfounded as to how the governor was able to fund such facilities despite the economic downturn.  Apart from the modern facilities that were provided in these new schools,  the schools were given befitting school buses to transport students to and from schools.   We may forget that the man provides free school uniforms for over 75,000 students across the state,  but would the parents and pupils forget? But in case they do, in the future  when it shall be asked who introduced the same uniforms for all the pupils in primary and secondary schools, whose name would they mention? Free meals are daily being served across  the state to the extent that the state experienced geometrical increase in school enrolment in the primary schools above any other states in Nigeria. The free meals scheme has also provided markets for both farmers and poultry farmers beyond the state. The eggs  consumption by the pupils went beyond the supply of the local farmers to the extent  that farmers in Kwara State now sells for the state cooks.As if that was all the state need to serve as a model to the Federal government who has since adopted the free schools meal. The United Kingdom was highly  impressed by the school meal programme that the  governor was invited to address the UK parliament over it. On the introduction of free schools meal in UK,  each parent was projected to save about £50,000 annually. A prophet they said has no respect except in his own home, while our people fail to see that healthy and well-fed children  will learn better and perform excellently well, a foreign  country saw the importance. The Primary school enrolment rose from 40% to 80% in 2014, the highest in Nigeria.The 2017 West African Examination Council  (WAEC) was the best so far in the history of the state as the students’ results rose from 49.5% to 70%.  The Americans do say “aren’t seen nothing yet”. In case those who claimed the man cannot be remembered  for anything, maybe they are always  flying to and from the state otherwise  they are likely to have passed through the trumpet bridge that is under construction  at Gbongan. They are likely to have been to Orileowu or to Osogbo, Ilesa, Ikirun Ile Ife, but in case they have not, let them ask from anybody from any of the 30 local government areas and the newly established Developmental areas if they have experienced any road construction, the answer would likely  be positive. The health sector and those that have been saved due to the nearest of hospitals and maternity centres would remember that a man was in-charge of the state for eight years. The accident victims that were saved through the prompt  response of the O’ Ambulances will remember  that Aregbesola  saved them from death. The REHAB,  the agency that picks and rehabilitate the mentally-challenged people across the state will forever be grateful for the man that rescued and rehabilitated them and  gave them a new life to live.
On the security;  the state has never had it so good as it is today under the leadership of Aregbesola. Prior to his advent, armed robbers were rattling communities so terribly to the extent that banks in Ejigbo, Ikirun and other places had to be closed down. This government invested heavily both in men and security gadgets including armoured vehicles. Aregbesola is leaving the state as one of the safest states in Nigeria

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