The Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Company, SNEPCO, has assured that its Bonga South West Aparo, BSWA, FPSO project, is aimed at achieving 80 percent local content.
 Discovered in 2001, the BSWA field straddles OMLs 118, 132 and 140. The project would surpass the 77 percent Nigerian content achieved in Total’s Egina FPSO, according to the Managing Director of SNEPCO, Mr. Bayo Ojulari.
Ojulari, who gave a timeline on the BSWA, said the head of terms covering dispute resolution and production sharing contract updates for OML 118 was signed in February 2019, adding that contractors are already bidding on five major EPC contracts.
He said BSWA is determined to harness and build Nigerian Local Content in scale as never seen in Nigerian deep water, while there will be job opportunities for local engineering and project management companies for three years employing over 500 Nigerian engineers.
The overall Nigerian Content percentage for BSWA is estimated at 80percent. From manhours on fabrication, engineering and project management activities.
Project will create 1200 direct employment and 5000 indirect employment during the 4-5years project execution period. Over 150 Nigerians will be trained in offshore deepwater engineering and construction.
4500mT fabrication to be executed in the country, representing 80percent of total project fabrication, sufficient to engage in-country fabrication yards for about four years with employment opportunities.
Speaking at the Nigerian Oil and Gas Conference and Exhibition, Ojulari disclosed that the IOCs signed the heads of term with the NNPC in February this year, adding that the project would enable the nation’s deepwater space to become very active.
He also added that In other to make the Nigerian deepwater to work, it is important to make sure that whatever legislation that is being put in place is what will unlock the resource volume in the country.
If we get the fiscal regime right and we make sure that the bill that is passed is the bill that enables business and investment, on my count, I expect another six FPSOs behind Bonga South West Aparo.

 Just imagine an environment where there are six FPSOs; there is continuity of work and activities. It is going to be a different place, and I think that is where we should put our minds in terms of what the impact of these is going to be on the economy.

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