The Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited, SPDC, says
the company is not in any way laying new pipelines in Adibawa field
but replacing existing old flowlines within its right of way.

This comes as residents of Edagberi/Betterland community in
Ahoada-West Local Government Area of Rivers State had expressed fears
claiming that the laying of a new gas pipeline through the community
by SPDC close to their residential areas would compromise their

Checks by our correspondent reveal that excavation works and fitting
of pipes are ongoing at Adibawa fields operated by SPDC, of which
crude oil and gas produced from the Engenni-Ijaw axis pass through.

But the Shell Petroleum Development Company, SPDC, has said that the
fears by a resident of the area were unfounded as the oil firm has no
new ongoing gas project in the area.

Media Relations Manager, SPDC, Mr. Bamidele, Odugbesan, in a reaction
to the development, explained that the ongoing work at SPDC’s field at
Adibawa was limited to replacement of existing crude pipelines within
its right of way.

SPDC is not laying any gas pipelines in the area in question. However,
there’s sectional replacement of existing old flowlines in Adibawa
within SPDC’s right of way, Odugbesan said.

However, community leaders in the area said there was anxiety among
the people of the community over proximity to residential areas.

A community leader in the area, Ambrose Osuolo, claim that the
distance between the pipeline and houses in the area was not up to
five meters.

We are disturbed because there are lots of buildings on this line
right side as you approach the community, they have diverted the
pipeline, crossing the road to the other side but they should pass the
pipes through the bush. Even the side they have diverted to, there are
lots of buildings.

The distance between the pipeline and buildings is not up to five
meters, so owners of the buildings are all scared.

Shell had surveyed the bush where to route this pipeline in the past;
a virgin bush. But we do not see why they are now passing the gas
pipeline through the community, Osuolo said.