Notore Chemical Industries Plc has declared a decline by 16.03 per
cent in revenue after recording N12.68 billion in 2019, compared to
N15.17 billion in the corresponding period in 2018, its unaudited six
months financial results showed.

The company said it witnessed a loss of N1.84 billion as against N2.55
billion which is a 27.7 per cent reduction in loss.

The decline was blamed on plant downtime during the period under
review as a result of the turn-around maintenance (TAM) programme

The impact on revenue may continue as the TAM programme is expected to
be completed by the first quarter (Q1) of 2020 when the plant is
expected to operate at its nameplate capacity.

Cost of sales also dropped to N9.636 billion in 2019 from N11.404
billion in 2018. Due to the net finance cost that grew from N5.144
billion in 2018 to N6.57 billion in 2019, Notore posted a loss of
N1.942 billion in H1 of 2019.

However, the loss is a positive result for Notore as the company
recorded a loss of N4.517 billion in the corresponding period of 2018.

The company said it expects growth in Nigerian fertilizer demand
because of the Federal Government’s agenda to use agriculture as one
of the keys to unlock the diversification of the Nigerian economy.

Notore added that the market is robust and yet to reach its full
potential, with the demand for urea and compound fertilizers, such as
NPK, from the West African markets and Sahel African states growing.

Notore is certain it will improve on the 2018 financial year urea
production figures in 2019, stating that the market demand for NPK and
current Federal Government policies are favourable to its operation,
the Notore H1 2019 FY Performance Summary disclosed.

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