President Muhammadu Buhari has said that the South-East people and the Igbos in particular have the right to lay claim to the rulership of this Country since they are part and parcel of the Country, adding
that when the time to make such claim arises, they would support them. The President who spoke through the Secretary to the Government of the federation, Mr. Boss Gida Mustapha at the South-East APC mega rally tagged South-East APC Rally for Buhari at the Dan Anyiam Stadium Owerri on Tuesday, July 3, 2018 said President Buhari is a true lover of Igbo people.
His words “In 2015, Igbos played bad Politics like Owelle rightly acknowledged and that Igbo people are not good starters, but when they start, they have the capacity to overtake. I assure you that the Igbo
nation are ready to overtake other parts of this country in 2019,
“The election in 2019, for the Igbo nation, is an election that will determine or mar your chances. I want to appeal to you that this is not about party but about the Igbo nation, and I’m calling on the Igbo
nation and brothers in the diaspora and in this land to have a paradigm shift and think seriously about their nation and position in this country,
“I have had opportunity to speak to Igbo leaders and I told them this, that the Presidency of Nigeria has always been negotiated and you can only negotiate on the basis of strength. If you’re weak, then you
don’t have a chance and your position of strength will be determined by the votes you give to Buhari in 2019.
The mammoth crowd at the South East APCMega rally Tagged South East for Buhariheld at the Dan Anyiam Stadium Owerri on Tuesday, July 3, 2018.“You’re important people in this nation. You control industries, you control trade and commence. You control every facet of our entrepreneurship. I appeal to you and I urge you to bring the skills you have built in the past to bear on your political arena so that you can navigate your way to the presidency of this country through your votes for President Muhammadu Buhari, “The choice is that of the Igbo nation. What happens in 2019 will determine the future of this country. I appeal to you, please stop


listening to the stories that are being peddled. Buhari is an honest man, that cuts the entire African continent. Buhari is not a selfish man. He is not a tribalistic man, he is a man that has a vision for a true Nigeria,
“Never in the history of this country do we have the SGF and Head of Service from the same religion. But because of his dire desire to move this country forward he accommodated that. Nigeria is not a Banana
republic, Nigeria is a serious country, and President Buhari is the only man that can fix this nation” he concluded.
National Chairman of APC, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole said President Buhari will not have to change his name to win votes or break grounds at the Niger Bridge to win votes, adding that he will win by doing the right things and obeying his consciences as a man of integrity.
He added “Everything they said was impossible, Buhari has demonstrated that they are possible; For the first time we have seen military generals been brought on trial in advancing the anti-corruption crusade of his administration. Truth is bitter, those who are writing letters now, governed as absolute ruler for 3 years and came back for another 8 years, what did he do for the second Niger Bridge? His only
dream was to take us back to Mugabe where there is no tenure ending. We thank a great Igbo man, a great Comrade Chief Ken Nnanami”.
He continued “Okorocha is a great asset to APC in the South East. I am a believer that in matters of politics, it is not like matters in the bible where we are told that we may believe without seeing. In politics you rather see before you believe. I have come and have seen people, energetic youths and intelligent women and men under the rain to show support for President Buhari. With this rally, I am assuring that our opponents who had banked on the South-East won’t sleep tonight”.
“Rochas, you have shown who owns the land, for so long we have been having the problems of People Deceiving People (PDP) when they come to the South East, the answer Azikiwe, but doing what Azikiwe did becomes a problem for them. The South East had everything going for them in terms of positions in government the President of the Senate, SGF, Finance Minister, CBN Governor etc but still they couldn’t construct or reconstruct the second Niger Bridge” he stated.
Governor Rochas Okorocha said “Igbos love President Buhari. What he is doing in Igboland has touched the Igbos. Let him know we love him. I have brought the emerging new leaders of Igboland who have come to take their rightful place and they will deliver in 2019. These might not be the usual faces you know in Politics. We are celebrating excellence. In 2015, Igbo people played bad Politics, because the
Igbos never believed in Buhari but in 2019 Igbos will vote massively for Mr. President,
“To create the wrong impression that there is no APC in the South-East some of our leaders have begun to negotiate away APC and certain positions by saying vote for Mr. President and APC, and vote for
another Candidate for another position in another party. This is unacceptable. There is no half support for APC. If you are supporting Mr. President, you must also support governorship and other candidates
of APC. I have risen to my responsibility. Those who are aspiring for governorship and other positions should go ahead” he said.
Governor of Kano State, Alhaji Abdullahi Umar Gandunje in his speech stated “This crowd here is wonderful. This crowd is from God. There are even more people outside than those inside. I am in Kano because of the crowd. I am impressed by this crowd I have seen here. I have seen a lot of development in the State. I have seen a new Owerri. Imo governor is a man of integrity. He has made Imo the heart of APC in the South-East. With this crowd the South-East has made U-turn in Politics, to be at the centre”.
Former Governor of Borno State and former National Chairman of PDP, Alhaji Modu Sheriff said,        “I have seen that Igbos are happy with Buhari. If I didn’t come to Owerri, I would not have been happy.
People of Imo State have impressed Nigerians. It took 2 hours to get to the Stadium from Government House. The permutation of Nigeria will change in 2019. Igbos will vote for Buhari”.
Chief Timi Sylva former governor of Bayelsa State said “I know for a fact that the South-East did some magics in 2015. The zone delivered eight million votes to PDP in 2011, and in 2015 the votes were reduced to two million and in 2019, 8 million votes will be delivered to APC in the South-East and further reduce the votes of PDP to ten votes. The present administration has done well for the nation. Those complaining are those who enjoyed the profligacy of the past. The majority of Nigerians are with APC and President Muhammadu Buhari”.
Some other APC dignitaries at the event are, Deputy National Chairman of APC, Adeniyi Otumba Adebayo, National Legal Adviser of APC, Mr. Babatunde Ogala, National Organizing Secretary, Barr. Emma Ibediro, National Auditor, Chief George Moughalu, Senator Andy Ubah, Senator Emma Anosike, Senator Emmanuel Agboti, Senator Uche Ekwunife, Senator Chris Emenike and a host of others.