His Royal Majesty, Ewuare II, the Oba of Benin has called for unity
among Benin people.

The Omo N’Oba who made the call when he received a retired Colonel in
US Army and a member of the Benin Royal family Col. Wisdom
Ogbeowemwenkon Osemwende charged the people to eschew hatred and
jealousy in order to promote peaceful coexistence.

While welcoming Col. Wisdom Ogbeowemwenkon Osemwende home, the Benin
Monarch thanked God and the Ancestor for protecting him throughout his
service years in the US Army.

His Royal Majesty encouraged Benin people at home and in diaspora to
endeavour to speak their language so that they would not become
strangers in their fatherland.

According to Ewuare II, anyone who cannot speak his or her language is
lost, and therefore advised Col. Wisdom Ogbeowemwenkon Osemwende to
develop interest in learning and speaking the Benin language.

Earlier, Col. Wisdom Ogbeowemwenkon Osemwende said he was in the
Palace to inform His Royal Majesty of his successful retirement from
the US Army, adding that he has come back home to join hands with the
people to move the state forward.

He said he was particularly pleased with the visions and initiatives
of the Oba of Benin, saying that he is ready to support it.

Col. Osemwende (Rtd.) expressed deep appreciation to the Benin Monarch
for the support and prayers which he said helped him throughout his
career in the US Army.

He said he served in the Iraq war, but was not consumed because of the
prayers offered by the Palace.