New Rivers at Two: Touching Lives Through Special Projects

In course of  the first two years of his first term, Rivers State
Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike has embarked on some special  projects
with the aim of improving  quality  of life in the state.
These  projects stand out. They include; The Port Harcourt Pleasure
Park, the State Ecumenical Centre, the Rumuokoro Market and Bus Park
and the Diete Spiff Civic Centre.
Port Harcourt Pleasure Park
This is Nigeria’s undisputed international  tourism destination.  This
is Governor Wike’s initiative to conserve foreign exchange for the
country and attract visitors from across the world to  Rivers State.
The project was flagged off as part of the first year anniversary of
the Wike administration.  Since then, the project site has transformed
from the neglected  “construction site borrow pit” to an international
leisure centre.
Built by Julius Berger, the Port Harcourt Pleasure Park exudes beauty
and serenity.  It has a climbing tower, beautifully  designed natural
lake, sporting facilities, two five aside football fields, Mini Golf
Course, intercontinental  restaurants, kids play centres and mobile
Commissioning the project, Former Rivers State Governor, Dr Peter
Odili said that the people of Rivers State are proud of the
accomplishments  of Governor Wike.
He praised the governor for delivering a world class  international
park which will make the state a prime destination.
The Former Governor prayed God to grant all the aspirations  of
Governor Wike for living up to the expectations of the people.
“I have travelled to at least 26 countries, I have never seen anything
like this.  God will ensure that all your aspirations are realised “,
Dr Peter Odili said.
Speaking at the commissioning ceremony, Rivers State Governor, Nyesom
Ezenwo Wike announced that a modern cinema will be constructed  to
complement  the facilities  at the Port Harcourt Pleasure Park.
He said that the Port Harcourt Pleasure Park will attract tourists to
the state and also generate revenue  for its maintenance.
Rivers State Ecumenical Centre
This is one of the most important  projects of the Wike
administration.  A project aimed at promoting Christian unity across
the state . This is a fulfilment  of Governor Wike’s campaign promise
to Christian  Leaders.
As a Christian State, the Ecumenical Centre serves as a centre for the
promotion of the ideals of Christian love, friendship , unity and the
growth of the church in Rivers State.
To ensure that this project is completed on schedule, Governor Wike
has been personally involved in the daily supervision  of the project.
The project is a symbolic  declaration that Rivers is a Christian
The project has been delivered in style. From conception, construction
to completion, Governor Wike  has shown that his administration  is
committed to legacy projects that will help build the people.
Remodelling of Diete Spiff Civic Centre
This centre built several decades  ago was left to rot by the
immediate past APC administration in the state.  The facility became
a home for criminals and deviants.
Governor Wike started and completed the total remodelling of the main
indoor sports hall of this  facility to International standard.
Today, the remodelled Indoor Sports Hall of the Diete Spiff Civic
Centre plays host to major national and international events. The 2016
Annual General Conference of the Nigerian Bar Association was hosted
at this remodelled  facility.
Restored Brick House
This was the old seat of power in the  state.  The Brick was abandoned
to rot after the new Government House was built.
Upon assuming  office, Governor Wike has restored the Brick House,
turning it into a monument  of history.  The restored Brick House  is
beautified with a modern landscape,
Government House Christian Chapel of Everlasting Grace
This church  was flagged off  and built by Governor Wike.  At the time
he assumed, there was no place  of worship for Christians at the
Government House, Port Harcourt.
This new church auditorium sits at least 300 Christians  who take out
time to worship with the Governor at the Government House. It is a
state-of-the-art auditorium.
Commissioning the Government House Chapel of Everlasting Grace,
Primate of the Anglican Church, Most Rev Nicholas Okoh congratulated
the people of Rivers State  for electing a leader who has continued to
serve them through the initiation and execution of meaningful
He said: “I congratulate the governor for fulfilling his promise to
the church by building an Ecumenical Centre for Christians.  There are
many dividends of democracy in the state “.
The cleric said that God’s  presence in the  Chapel of Everlasting
Grace will always attract blessing to all those who worship in it.
Speaking  after the dedication of The Chapel of Everlasting Grace,
Governor Nyesom Ezenwo Wike said he was motivated to  construct the
Chapel because of the need to have a befitting place of Christian
worship in Government House.
He reiterated his commitment to the church.  He said that his decision
to  build a chapel in Government House and the State Ecumenical
Centre were fallouts of the interaction  he had with Christian leaders
during the campaign
Also in the Government House, Governor Wike has expanded facilities.
He has also built a modern amphitheatre for the entertainment of high
profile guests of the state.
Rumuokoro Market and Bus Park
One of the major challenges  motorists face in Port Harcourt and Obio/
Akpor Local Government Areas face is the issue of traffic congestion.
The Rumuokoro Market and Bus Park is a project initiated by Governor
Wike to stop Street Trading  along that route. The objective  is to
decongest  the road for the free flow of traffic.
Dredging/Sand filling and Reclamation of Abalama,Bakana,
Ogbunabali/Nkpogu communities
For the Kalahari communities, the land reclamation embarked upon by
Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike is an economic development
package. This project will create land for schools, hospitals and
homes in communities without  access to land because of the
encroachment of the Atlantic ocean.
The administration is reclaiming  lands in the three local government
areas that make up Kalahari kingdom.
The land reclamation projects  in Abalama and Bakana towns span 38
hectares. The Wike administration will deliver the lands in five
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Post source : Simeon Nwakaudu, Special Assistant to the Rivers State Governor, Electronic Media.

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