Indigenes of Edo State deported from Libya, yesterday, canvassed for
the inclusion of hundreds deportees into the proposed 200,000 jobs to
be created by the state government.
The returnees brandish placards of various inscriptions that read thus
“We humbly appeal for empowerment for sustainable means of livelihood,
Edo youth plead for government support and empowerment and Edo Libya
returnees appeal for government support”
Speaking for the group in a rally to the secretariat of the Nigeria
Union of Journalists headquarters in Benin City, President, Initiative
for Youths, Awareness on Migration, Immigration, Development and
Reintegration, Mr. Solomon Okoduwa said it became so urgent to draw
the attention of the government to the challenges faced by these
returnees  to enable government absorb them into his 200,000 jobs.
He said the returnees had a very horrible experience on their way to
Libya while some were arrested and tortured in prisons before
deportated to Nigeria.
He said now that they are in Nigeria, they need the assistance of the
government especially when the government is talking of creating
200,000 jobs adding that when employed, it would enable them find
their feet on time.
Mr. Okoduwa said he has earlier written to the state government to
train about 150 Libya returnees in agriculture and other skill
acquisitions to start the process of reintegration into the society.
Narrating his ordeals in Libya, Mr. Lucky Igue who hailed from Igueben
Local Government Area of the state said Nigerians are suffering in
Libya prisons.
“In Libya, we the Edo State, Nigeria, we are suffering in Libya. We
have been in Libya prisons for one year and six month. Some have been
in prison for two years. There are people here who spent three years
in prison. So we passed through hell when we were in prison. We were
tortured when we were in prison.
“Many of Edo people died while in prison. Even some died when
confirming Tripoli because of the way they treated us. We just want to
pass through land because of the pains we are passing through in Edo
State”, he said.
He said having been deported to the state, they heard of the proposed
200,000 jobs to be created by the state government and that they are
interested and also willing to work.
“When they deported us to Nigeria, we heard that the state government
is about to create 200,000 jobs and that is why we are here and I
believe if you take our message to him, I believe he will help us so
that our minds we come down and we will not think of how to go back to
that country again.
“In that land we saw hell because I believe if government empower us,
take good care of us, we will not go back to that country again”, he