A former governor of Lagos state, Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has said
that he cannot rule out the possibility of fighting for presidential
office in Nigeria.
He said this on Friday during the inauguration of Rotimi Akeredolu
(SAN) as the newly elected governor of Ondo state.
Tinubu said vying for any office in Nigeria is an opportunity to serve
his country, but added that such ambition is dependent on other
political factors.
“You see” he called the attention of his interviewer, “there is
nothing wrong with such ambition,” he said. “It depends on the timing
and the environment and what political leadership dictates. I will not
brush aside such an aspiration” Tinubu said.
He alluded to President Buhari’s several attempts at the presidency
before finally winning in 2015.
”It has been historical even that Buhari tried first, second, third,
and forth before he got it. Resilience, determination, and clarity of
purpose. Maybe as a senator, maybe as a president, you cannot rule it
out. How can I rule such a thing out, the opportunity to service my
country but you only do that when there is a vacancy” he said.
Speaking about the health condition of the president, Tinubu said the
president has been very honest in disclosing that he needs medical
attention. He said; “an honest man disclosed to you that he is going
to leave, he is going to have a medical check-up, he has disclosed
that he needed more time.
He added that; “he has told you, he has told us honestly that he
needed medical attention. What his doctors will discuss after that is
subject to experts who should not be discussed until he is ready to
disclose it. He told us that he cannot return now, what else do you
want him to do.”
He advised Nigerians to pray for the president, insisting that he
(Buhari) is alive and healthy. “Only God gives life, and only God can
take it. The man that I have seen is well, alive. we should promote
welfare, praying for the wellbeing of our leaders” the former governor
He also spoke about All Progressive Congress (APC), stating that there
is no rift whatsoever amongst party leaders. He accused the press of
concocting stories to suggest the contrary.
He said; “Everything has always been alright in APC camp. I credit the
Nigerian creativity in journalism, they most create stories, and if
you have to respond to every one of it, you will be in trouble”.

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