The Indigenous People of Biafra has accused the Obi of Onitsha Igwe
Alfred Achebe of plan to sell Biafra out to the British government.
The IPOB describing Achebe as an ‘anti-biafra’ said the visit of the
British High Commissioner Harriet Thompson is in line to stop the
agitation of Biafra.
A statement by the IPOB’s spokesperson Powerful Emma said: “Igwe
Achebe is about to sell Biafra and IPOB agitation again to the British
and their Hausa Fulani slaves as his brothers have done over the
Thompson and some British delegates on Sunday, February 12, visited
the Obi of Onitsha in his palace.
Although, the purpose of the visit is yet to be made public, the IPOB
has accused the duo of plans to frustrate the agitation for the
freedom of Biafra.
The group said: “Igwe Achebe is another Ukpabi Asika today. All those
that betrayed Biafra from Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, Major Emmanuel Arinze
Ifeajuna, Dr. Ukpabi Asika and now Igwe Achebe are all from Onitsha.
“Is Onitsha about to sell Biafra again as before?” the IPOB queried in
its statement.
The  allegations that the Obi of Onitsha is about to sell off the
struggle for Biafra is reckless. This is because there are many
prominent Igbo sons who are yet to declare support for Biafra.
They  include former Vice President Alex Ekwueme, Chief Emmanuel
Iwuanyanwu who will rather prefer  Igbo  vie for the Presidency of
Nigeria rather that Biafra agitation. Even a renowned  Catholic Priest
Rev Fr  Mbaka has said those clamoring for Biafra are wasting their
time.  In all these members of IPOB rained abuses and insults on them.

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