CAN, JNI calls for prayers for Buhari

CAN, JNI calls for prayers for Buhari

Two main religious coalitions in Nigeria have called for prayers for
President Muhammadu Buhari.
The Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, and the Jama’atul Nasril
Islam, JNI, made the calls in separate statements on Thursday.
In its statement, signed by Kwamkur Samuel, Director of Legal and
Public Affairs, CAN said it “is deeply concerned about the ongoing
national conversation on the absence of the President due to ill-
“We wish to call on all Nigerians to join hands in prayers for the
quick and full recovery of Mr. President and his safe return to
Nigeria instead of dwelling on the needless rumour mongering on the
President’s health.”
The coalition of Nigerian Churches said “it is very clear that our
leader is passing through health challenges.”
It asked the presidency to “update Nigerians on how he is fairing and
the full progress of his recovery.”
“We call on all Christians and indeed all God-fearing Nigerians to
dedicate time of prayers for our President and the nation. We owe our
leaders prayers and support at all times while shunning divisive
opinions that only generate strive,” M CAN had also called on
Nigerians to give Mr. Osinbajo full support and prayers to lead well.
“We acknowledge that government is a continuum, hence, we call on
Acting President, Prof.  Yemi Osinbajo to be bold in handling critical
state matters and not to be distracted by those who do not wish
Nigeria well,” the Christian body said.
In its statement, the JNI called on Muslim clerics to lead special
prayers for the health of President Muhammadu Buhari at Friday Jumaat
“We call on all Jumu’ah Imams to include the matter in their
respective Friday sermons tomorrow and beyond. Because in prayers we
find consolation,” the organisation said in a statement on Thursday
from Kaduna by its Secretary General, Abubakar Khalid.
The JNI condemned any call for the resignation of Mr. Osinbajo, saying
“whatever the intent may be, we see such calls as callous, mischievous
and unpatriotic.
“Moreover, why must that vacuum be created now, if not for sinister
motives?” the group said in the statement by Mr. Khalid.
In its statement, the JNI cautioned Muslims against joining the
bandwagon of “rumour mongers and unpatriotic elements wishing the
President dead”.
“Interestingly, those who wish him death will certainly not live till
eternity. Aren’t we supposed to wish each other well-being, let alone,
the President of the country?”
Describing as unnecessary the controversy over the delay in Mr.
Buhari’s return to Nigeria, the group implored Nigerians,
“particularly Muslims to persistently supplicate on daily basis for
his safe return, restoration of good health and piloting Nigeria to
greater heights with his team.
“It should, however, be noted that as with every mortal, illness is
inevitable, likewise life and death. Thus, JNI is very concerned about
the pandemonium over the over the President and the dimension it is
unfortunately taking. Does that mean he can no longer get ill?
“We must as patriots be cautioned on spreading inaccurate
information”, the JNI stated.

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