Sani Bello
According to  a chieftain of the local vigilante, Civilian-JTF,
Danbatta Bello at about midnight, a male bomber was shot dead from an
observatory by a military sniper after he was spotted advancing
towards a security check post manned by soldiers in Usmanti layout of
Another attack occurred at about 5.30 a.m in Maiduguri as a teenage
girl, blew herself up after members of the Civilian-JTF, stopped her
from advancing towards a mosque where Muslim worshippers were praying.
The female bombers died alongside one member of the Civilian-JTF that
tried to stop her. Two others were injured.
Bello said: “We are just leaving the site of the second blast now, and
everything is calm now.”
“We heard the first explosion about some few minutes after midnight
but soldiers were able to stop him from carrying out his attack when
they shot him near the security check post in Usmanti. His bombs went
off not quite 50 meters away from the sandbags at the check post as
soon as the soldier sitting on top of a security observation post shot
at him,” Mr. Bello said.
“The second one was a young girl who was trying to attack worshippers
in a mosque during the early morning prayer time at about 5.30am. Some
of our boys tried to stop her so she decided to detonate the bomb,
which killed her and one of our members. Two others were injured by
the explosion as well”.
Recall that on Monday, January 16, a bomb exploded at the mosque of
the University of Maiduguri, Borno state  many people were feared
dead. The bombers were laced with improvised explosive devices and
stormed the prayer ground as early as 5 am.
The bombers killed a director of vetenary medicine, Professor Aliyu
Mani, and four others while another 15 persons are said to be injured.