BY  Gladys  Nweke.
Special Assistant  Youth  Affairs  to the Managing Director  of the
Niger Delta  Development Commission [NDDC]  Hon  Charles  Anyanwu
has said that his utmost priority is to  help Niger Delta Youths
discover their latent talents  and discover amazing self worth for
harnessing  available resources for their personal growth and
development which will in turn rub off positively on the region.
Speaking to newsmen in Port Harcourt the former member of Rivers state
house of assembly said that the Niger Delta Region  is blessed with
both Mineral and  Human Resources.
He said ‘whereas the other parts of Nigeria  know the Niger Delta as a
Region  blessed with oil and Gas and other Natural Resources, little
do they know that we also have highly  brilliant and Intelligent
people from the Region. The  other parts of Nigeria see us as a people
who are lazy and unwilling to work.  You and I know that  its not
correct  and we must be ready to prove  to the world  that this single
story  churned out on us , as a people  is not only demeaning but
uncharitable  to our hospitable  nature. Oil  and Gas exploitation
and exploration  and the concomitant  effects of pollution ,
environmental degradation and neglect  and the attendant agitations
there from  have reduced our region to a people  not only aggressive
in nature  but also violently destructive . the story must change’.
Speaking further he said ‘as a people , we are all  emblazoned  in the
negative  narrative  which can only be proved to be false  by us and
the only way  to prove that,  is to appeal  to our recalcitrant
brothers  and sisters to redirect  and retrace their steps  knowing
full well  that we’ve  got  no other region than the Niger Delta .  We
can decide to make the region  beautiful  and a destination for
business and investment .  Yes we can
‘the choice is ours  and as rational beings, I trust we will choose to
make to make our environment an investment  hub South of the Sahara. I
don’t want to know how it was done in the past, am not a man of status
quo. I  challenge  processes any system  with  a view to getting
desired results. I want to change the story, the negative single