A full system collapse occurred yesterday evening at 6.00 pm when the country power generation recorded zero MW power supply which resulted in total blackout, with average power generation crashing to 1, 618 megawatts hour (MWH), down from 2, 904 MWh generated just before the system collapsed dropping generation to zero megawatts.

This has been one of the worse performing week for the power sector as multiple system collapse were recorded this week, information obtained by Energywatchng from System Operators a branch of Transmission company of Nigeria (TCN) shows that generation level collapse to 10MW on the Sunday, 15th January. Moreover, another system collapse occurred on Monday, 16th were generation dropped to 108MW, same system collapse occurred on Wednesday when generation dropped to 42MW. However, the daily operational report from the Nigeria Electricity System Operator, an arm of the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN), showed that nine electricity generation companies, GENCOs, sent out zero electricity to the grid.

The nine GENCOs are Gbarain, Rivers Independent Power Project, IPP, Trans Amadi, ASCO, and A.E.S. Others are Olorunsogo IPP, Ibom, Gerugu NIPP and Afam IV- V. In 2016, a similar incidence of total systems collapse happened 16 times.

“The huge debts owed for gas, and recent attacks of gas facilities are limiting supply to the power plants. For instance, an oil/gas pipeline facility blew up this week in Ughelli, Delta State and it connects critical Generation Companies (GenCos) like Ughelli, Sapele, Benin GenCos,” the official said.

Source: Energywatchng